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Coastal Framing

Coastal Harmony - Inner Harmony

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Coastal Harmony is the home of bespoke Australian artworks incorporating elements of the water, sand and sun and are inspired by our Coastal Landscapes.

Allow the calming shades and tranquil ocean vibes, to create a serene feeling at home and allow any space to instantly feel calm.

Our gorgeous Australian Coastline gives us the feeling of being relaxed and satisfied. The trees, the calming sound of water, and the crashing waves are therapeutic to the soul.

We have created these stunning artworks to bring a little piece of that tranquility into our homes.

Sourcing the highest quality Australian made products and supporting our local companies to allow us to produce stunning high quality bespoke artworks. Beautiful inks, fine art media, and gorgeous Australian oak frames all complete these exclusive artworks.

- Framed glass artwork

- Your choice of White/Black/Oak Frame

- Ready to Hang - Wall Hook Slot at Top of Frame for Hanging

- Stylish and Versatile - Change your artwork with your decor

- Corners for Safety During Shipping