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Coastal Framing

Rose Quartz Crystal Candle - LOVE

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Crystal infused scented candle by Crystl.

Love - “You have great love within you. You have a bright, beautiful light shining through you. Bring that love and light to the world.”

Rose Quartz -  Unconditional love – Infinite peace.

Scent – A romantic sweet blend of Ylang ylang and Lavender.

Initial fragrance: Orange, Grapefruit
Fragrance heart: Lavender, Ylang Ylang
Lingering scent: Tonka Bean

Medium single wick 285g

Large Double wicked 400g

*Note – All Crystl candles are handmade so each and every creation is unique.
Small embellishment crystals sprinkled on top of the candle may vary from candle to candle and may differ from those pictured.